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POSITIVE FRIENDSHIP 2 Man is by nature a social animal whose inclination it is to live in the company of others. ARISTOTLE Honestly, I had a tiresome week and was planning on procrastinating this but a sense of duty compelled me to work on it. I have been reading some Aristotle of late specifically BookContinue reading “KNOW THE LIMITS.”


Sometimes or maybe all times I miss being sickEnclosed in that dull room engulfed with strong medicated oduorWith no one to talk to but so much to talk about When the only people I realized I could trust were your backsI tripped and fell in love with the dark…Daily serve my coffee bitter, strong andContinue reading “RELAPSEđź’€”


Anything is possible when you have he right people to support you MISTY COPELAND Before you read this let your mind, soul and body not confuse the loyalty of friendship with the bond of blood, friends are never as important as family (no matter how big they suck at times). So friends are the peopleContinue reading “POSITIVE FRIENDSHIPđź’–”

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mombasa, Nyali
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