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I thank God for His guidance and protection. To all of us who managed to see this day don’t forget to praise His Holy Name. I wish you all the best as you go through your ups and downs. Don’t watch your happiness fade😊.


POSITIVE FRIENDSHIP 2 Man is by nature a social animal whose inclination it is to live in the company of others. ARISTOTLE Honestly, I had a tiresome week and was planning on procrastinating this but a sense of duty compelled me to work on it. I have been reading some Aristotle of late specifically BookContinue reading “KNOW THE LIMITS.”


Sometimes or maybe all times I miss being sickEnclosed in that dull room engulfed with strong medicated oduorWith no one to talk to but so much to talk about When the only people I realized I could trust were your backsI tripped and fell in love with the dark…Daily serve my coffee bitter, strong andContinue reading “RELAPSE💀”

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mombasa, Nyali
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