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Saving lives has become a billion tender with the interest of getting what we already have but find it difficult to offer. My major concern is on blood donation, this might be something you already know about probably from the famous posters appealed by the Red Cross Community that most of us don’t take so seriously. As the average blood cell transfusion is roughly three pints{a unit of liquid equal to one eighth of a gallon }, donors usually provide one pint of blood in every donation. A single car accident casualty may require as many as 100pints which is a lot of blood. That already brings out a glimpse on the importance of blood donation.

We frequently hear about the importance of blood donation in relation to the recipients. But what are the health benefits on the donor? Perhaps you are considering donating blood but have your doubts on where it goes or maybe the after effects .Here is a number of the benefits

Benefits of blood donation on the donor.

1. lowering your risk of suffering a heart attack by depleting the extra iron deposits in your vessels.

2. Reduced risk of developing cancer

3. Revelation of potential health problems, If your blood is too low in iron the clinic will tell you and wont draw any of your blood. They will also inform you of any other blood issues you didn’t know about.

4. Burn calories. You can burn at least 650 calories per donation of one pint of blood, this acts as a motivation to give but not to be taken advantage of.

5. A sense of pride of saving a life somewhere, you never know the impact you might be having on one’s life.

One blood donation saves up to three lives so don’t hesitate. Save a child with Leukemia ,an uncle with Lymphoma, patients suffering from anemia , hemophilia, blood clot etc. This kind of regular, altruistic interaction has major psychological benefits saving a life is stimulating in the best kind of way . In people over 60-years-old volunteering reduces their risk of depression and loneliness. Lets roll up our sleeves sit on that chair and make a difference.


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