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Anger is normal and even healthy emotionally , it is designed to promote survival not define us. Anger is embedded in our primitive need to live and protect ourselves against aggression . It never occurs in isolation but rather occurs after pain, that makes it a ‘secondhand’ emotion. Pain alone is not sufficient enough to cause anger, there must be some triggering thought such as personal assessments, assumptions, evaluations or interpretations of situations. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it ends up demolishing your personal life.

as you can see I’m not advocating for anger but welcoming it, cause it feels liberating. Let’s take a look at this 21st Century where everyone seems to be angry at everything and everyone .Angry you woke up late, angry at your fridge because its empty, angry you didn’t get a promotion at work, angry you have no new clothes to show off to your friends, angry because your wife asked you to accompany her to church on a weekend but end up yelling at her because it’s the only time you get to rest from the rough week you had from work, angry at totally everything😒. I’m actually that one person who yells at anyone when in my worst then apologizes later, trust me not this side of me has occasionally landed me in trouble or in “in hot soup” as our forefathers acknowledged it. I decided that I’m never gonna let all that annoys me and ails me take away my sanity and energy.

Some of us who were raised up in this strict religious life/background believe that anger is a sin or maybe frowned upon, kindly stop with this Grade-A concoction of utter nonsense as quoted by Josephine from Roses and Brimstone. What I want you to know is don’t let anger make you do harm to others or yourself. Simply question the source of your anger then manifest it through something constructive. It’s not always right to come in hot and heavy right off the bat .

Agitation happens often when one is helpless, never respond to an angry person with a fiery comeback even if he deserves it, calm the person down instead of retaliating with equal vigor .

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean

Maya Angelou

If you are the problem then admit you are angry because distracting from it is the equivalent of suppressing it and it will just snowball thereafter. If you can’t control your anger then see a life therapist for help.

In your anger do not sin-Ephesians 4:26


Published by speakoutloud

Being true to yourself and not pleasing the society is one thing that doesn't need a reminder. Fitting in is never a solution but when the situation gets tougher Speak It Out!

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