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Song:bald man anthem (Bien x Aaron)

It’s a blessing to be back and energetic in this death reigning period. For those who lost their close or distanced friends and family I send my condolences,it’s not that easy to ignore the gap.

So last week was so undefined for me and I’m still trying to figure myself out. Few scenarios drove me here unexpectedly which is also a good thing… atleast you know I’m alive.

First was me coming out of my lecture room and almost bumping intoo this lecturer but managed to stabilize myself standing aside to make way my face covered with an apologetic smile . He makes his way and mutters an “I’m sorry”…For whaaaat Mr,I’m the little one here who deserves nothing but a smile or silence… and I let it pass .

Secondly, I board this public vehicle ‘matatu’ and take my favourite spot on this solo seat near the door. An injured man on crutches comes in and I’m forced to go to the back seat accompanied with no facial expressions just politely, but after he takes the seat he turns to me and apologizes…who does that ,where’s my thankyou sir…I smile and let it pass.

Thirdly,allow me do the numbering I just feel you know 🥴😂, We’re on this busy side walk and I see an old man trying in vain to make way through a crowd of pedestrians so I come to his rescue and guess what he murmurs “I’m sorry” . What happened to I’m greatfull my child/daughter, God bless you, assuring smiles,THANK YOU!!?

I need the motivation not consolation I’m not offended😭.

Published by speakoutloud

Being true to yourself and not pleasing the society is one thing that doesn't need a reminder. Fitting in is never a solution but when the situation gets tougher Speak It Out!

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