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Address to men…

Song; courage to change by Sia.

The question will always be “what do you want for you” not what people want for you or as they say ‘ what they think is best for you’…to the men reading this I AM NO FEMINIST …First let us talk about inconsistency, the answer to the reason why; people walk out of your life, signatures are placed on divorce papers, separation is always the solution,no one wants to work with you or why families become enemies.

Today you want a dog tomorrow you have an inborn allergy for dogs,at the breakfast table you like your meals salted and beef is your favourite but at dinner time you’re full of complains on how your ‘girl/woman’ must know that your meals require no salt and meat has always been forbidden in your family. The reason I use dogs and food is because those little narks  that you spark whenever and wherever compile rising to anger hence an abusive relationship. Be consistent for man’s sake.

Sympathy is my second issue. It’s okay to get help out of sympathy it’s okay to ask people to sympathize with you but it’s never okay to go overboard, everyone has problems we’re not here for you.You had a small fight with your brother you want to call the whole village, you were accused wrongly and you call everyone, your partner doesn’t do as you say, helloo to the community For whaattt. Know what to tell and who to tell not everyone is your friend. The next time you hear neighbors talking ill about you or treating you as a darn who will you blame?

You’re not a god. No one is ever going to worship you. Imprisonment is the last and maybe least not sure.stop creating a mentally and emotionally dank environment for the people around you. I have seen men who talk and vibe with friends but shut their families. No talking , laughing,interacting in any way because they had a long day and all they need is rest. He’s the man of the house so the jokes are his to perform, only his phone calls are important and accepted, table manners are limited to him and yes he’s the perfect guy who does no wrong.

Men it’s high time you get down and tie your shoes ,know what you want and respect what others want .

Second part will be my address to boys and this will be interesting 😊

Published by speakoutloud

Being true to yourself and not pleasing the society is one thing that doesn't need a reminder. Fitting in is never a solution but when the situation gets tougher Speak It Out!

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