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Song:Selena Gomez who says acoustic

Life can be so unpredictable, sorry life is so unpredictable cause trust me I just had my piece. Last year I ended up with an empty bucket list not because I had no goals believe it or not I was fully prepared with my standardized capabilities .

My theme words last year were Faith and Determination, that is after I experienced a wonderful time of my life(this reminds me don’t ever make decisions on your highs and lows). I then came across some wise writing ‘nothing including fate can bring down a determined mind’ well I kinda lost track of determination and was left hanging on a loosely held thread of faith.

I honesty had a rough year to the point where I had to tell lies to have a peaceful mind but earned myself haunted sleepless nights,divided attention,poor eating habits and worse of all panic attacks. I was totally drained, couldn’t write or talk to anyone, the best I could do was cut out my draft pages, go crying to the sea in the mid-mornings when no one was around or get destructed by friends and avoiding personalized phone calls at all cost to avoid bewailing on the self-appointed situation.

I truly thank God for this far I have come, the little faith I held on to shed some light on me. This year till God knows when I’m never pressuring myself up with some list or anything, all I want to do is live for each day and work on how to live in a friendly way with anxiety.

The only medication I can comply with is writing myself out, meditating and sunset views. Nature is truly a healer🌻 thank me later. May God keep on standing by our side even when we slip.

I’m wishing you a happy positively fulfilled year ahead and please for those with to-do list don’t stop if it works for you cause life is a journey with different diversions just be yourself and choose your path for your own sake . Let your happiness create an optimistic future to someone somewhere(remember don’t try to hard to impress be patient)❤️


Published by speakoutloud

Being true to yourself and not pleasing the society is one thing that doesn't need a reminder. Fitting in is never a solution but when the situation gets tougher Speak It Out!

2 thoughts on “RELATABLE POST

  1. Heartfelt post and motivating as well. I am glad that at the end you held on to hope and God was there to hold your hand and I know what is like to be drained.
    Also, I am happy that Nature brings you peace and hope. I urge you to spend time with family and communicate with friends to get out of that ‘Depressing state”. Have a great and positive 2023👏

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