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Anxiety is when the butterflies in your stomach turn into vicious serpents
The seven days of your week
Become seven days of unbearable grief
Like walking on an ocean of happiness but can’t baptise yourself
And just like Ice breaks into pieces
Your heart turns cold

Anxiety isn’t a broken toy You can return to the store
It’s a feeling that eats you up like emotional cancer
Makes you questionable to family When you have no answers
And everytime you try to explain
You meet up with blind hesitation

Anxiety is when hunger sends you to the table
But immediately your heart starts heating
Forbidding the stomach from its rights
Allowing the noise in your head gain the supremacy

Anxiety is what makes you see your bed more than friends

Opening a door for a stranger with the sweetest smile And letting them power walk through your life

sorrowed to death but still fight for joy
Judged for something you can’t control
However mean, you still laugh the hardest

We believe so much in poetry than in prayer
When true help can only come from our Creator
Mental health is a big deal
Stop offering medication

©️ adeesword

Published by speakoutloud

Being true to yourself and not pleasing the society is one thing that doesn't need a reminder. Fitting in is never a solution but when the situation gets tougher Speak It Out!

6 thoughts on “ANXIETY

  1. One thing about anxiety is that it’s not infallible,it’s an outworking of a princioke within,when fear and uncertainties present themselves then you are led to become anxious,but who said you mustbe anxious?…you can choose to be anxious or not and that is what makes you you….amazing sharing

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